Who is eligible to live at Aspen Court?

Aspen Court is an apartment community made up of predominantly students, but welcomes anyone.

What is included in rent?

On top of the amenities and appliances, High Speed Internet is included in rent. Also, tenants don’t have to pay separate for trash pickup or our nightly security guards.

What do I need to hook up my computer to the internet?

You will only need a CAT 5 (Ethernet) cable. We have internet/cable outlets in each bedroom, kitchen, and both sides of the living room. Your computer must be configured properly for the internet to work, and we will give you that information upon move in. If you wish, you may use your own wireless router.

How do I sign a lease?

When you are ready to sign a lease, come to our office with your identification. There are no application fees but your Security Deposit is due at this time. The Security Deposit is the same amount as the monthly rent. If you are not in town we can do a lease through the mail.

When are payments due?

Payment is due on the 15th of the month.

Will you send me a bill each month for rent?

We do not mail out any type of billing or invoice. You will receive a copy of your lease that includes the payment schedule. Residents are responsible for paying their rent in a timely manner. However, we will send you a move-in letter and will remind you about your first monthly installment.

If I pay in full, do I get a discount?

Currently, we offer no discounts to those that choose to pay rent in full. However, there is the peace of mind knowing that you don't have to worry about getting rent to us each month and accumulating late fees if you are past the deadline.

When can I move into Aspen Court?

Your specific move-in date will be assigned when you sign your lease. While signing your lease, you will be asked for the address you will be residing at before move-in. This is the address we will send your welcome packet, including your scheduled time and date of move-in.

What types of leases are available?

Aspen Court offers 12 month lease installments. Select 6 month leases are available. Check with the office for availability. You will have a chance to renew your lease before the end of the lease term, and you can continue your stay with us without moving out.

Are the units furnished?

The units are not furnished but they do include all appliances. The appliances included in each unit are: full size washer and dryer, dishwasher, microwave, garbage disposal, and central air conditioning. Each unit also has its own furnace and water heater.

Can I park my car at Aspen Court?

Yes, we have more than enough parking for our residents. Parking permits are $30/year. At move-in you will obtain a form to sign and return along with a copy of your vehicle registration. After we have received these things, we will issue you a parking permit to be placed in the back window of your vehicle. Your permit is only valid one year. If you renew your lease, you must also renew your parking permit.

Is there visitor parking at Aspen Court?

Yes, there is visitor parking available at Aspen Court. This is free and does not require permits, but you must be parked within the designated area. If you know in advance that a family member or friend will be visiting, you can come to the office and get a temporary parking permit for the cost of $5.

Aspen Court Apartments
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